Le forum et la galerie vont être transférés (chez OVH) de Paris à Gravelines.
C'est pour bientôt, mais nous n’avons pas la date précise.
L'interruption devrait être de l'ordre de plusieurs dizaines de minutes au cours de la nuit.

Stage de terrain sur les galles en Pologne

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Stage de terrain sur les galles en Pologne

Message par pierred » mardi 14 novembre 2017, 21:45

Une proposition de stage sur les galles en Pologne, dans la forêt de Bialowieza :

2018 Plant Galls Meeting / Poland - Bialowieza : 4 DAYS of field excursions in the heart of Europe’s most preserved forest and its beautiful surroundings.

[ ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/track/click/rcb1b41g1jd )

2018 Plant Galls Meeting / Poland - Bialowieza
Dear Colleague,

There are many of us researchers, professionals or amateurs, around the world who study plant galls and gall inducing organisms. Unfortunately we have few opportunities to meet each other, share our knowledge, and most of all, we rarely spend time in the field together.

This meeting is intending to offer this opportunity : 4 DAYS of field excursions in the heart of Europe’s most preserved forest and its beautiful surroundings.
Forêt & Naturalité, a belgian association working for the defense of natural forests in Belgium and abroad, in collaboration with the Białowieża National Park, is happy to take care of this organisation.
This meeting will allow professional scientists, as well as amateurs, to learn and to share their experience, skills and knowledge in a convivial atmosphere.Comfortable accommodation and nice local food are guaranteed ! For any inquieries or details, please contact : [ carbogalles@gmail.com ]( mailto:carbogalles@gmail.com?subject=2018%20Plant%20Galls%20Meeting%20-%20Bialowieza )

Looking forward to meeting you in August 2018 !

Sébastien CARBONNELLE, Forêt & Naturalité - Plant Galls
Sébastien LEZACA-ROJAS, Forêt & Naturalité - Forest ecology     [
See this mail in your browser ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/6u2qo1g1jf.html )  

[ ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/track/click/rcb23k1g1jd )
  Plant Galls Meeting  

4 days from Wednesday 22/08 to Saturday 25/08

Field excursions in the day, lab works and presentations in the evening...

° Special bus from Warsaw to Bialowieza (way and return)
° French and English speaking guides
° Local flora and insects specialsits
° Special guidance into the strict protected zone
° Local transport by bus
° Auditorium presentations
° Lab works
° Excellent local food and beers
° Confortable accomodation

390 € (all included)
    [ Let's gall ! ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/track/click/rcb2w01g1jd )

[ ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/track/click/rcb3og1g1jd )
  Optional After-Tour  

7 days from Saturday 25/08 to Saturday 01/09 (Return in Warsaw)
Field excursions during the day and the evenings with different themes :

° Natural forest ecosystem compared to managed forests, identification of different natural habitats.
° Mammals sightings : looking for bisons, dears, and 40 others species possible... including wolf and lynx !
° Botanical approach : trees and characteristic local species, geobotanic and phytosociology.
° Birdwatching : remarkable birds with many nesting and migrating species.

+ 580 € combined (or 700 € alone)
    [ Let's wild ! ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/track/click/rcb4gw1g1jd )     [
See this mail in your browser ]( http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/6u2qo1g1jf.html )    

© 2017 Forêt & Naturalité asbl  
If you want to let know friends or colleagues about this event, you're of course welcome ! But please do not forward this message and simply give this link instead : http://yi7r.r.a.d.sendibm1.com/track/click/rcb0io1g1jd    

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Pierre D.

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